Remote Video Inspection

Remote Video Inspection, typically used in conjunction with CIAI’s Laser inspection service, is a video survey that remotely inspects the vessel surface with a high resolution video camera. Operating through a 14 X zoom lens, this service shows visual features such as "stretch marks", "orange peel", "striations", cladding defects, and other features of the vessel surface. 

The results of the remote video inspection are documented on DVD. Each DVD is labelled with the drum number and date of the video scan. The visual inspection is also encoded with both the vertical elevation of view as well as the angular orientation of view (in degrees from reference point). All relevant indications are also captured digitally and inserted in jpeg format into the Customer Report. CIAI's remote visual inspection equipment conforms to ASME Sec.V., Article 9, T-953 for Remote Inspection Requirements.

Each video scan will become part of the permanent record of the conditions of the coke drum and can be used to assist in the interpretation of the laser scan map. Depending on the time allowed in the vessel, detailed visual images of particular areas of interest can be recorded and stored permanently for future review.


  • The direct cross-reference between the video and laser scan makes it easier to confirm that an anomaly found in the laser data was not just a build-up of coke, for example.
  • A complete laser and video inspection (including installation and removal of equipment) can be performed in less than 4 hours.
  • Service can be performed between cycles, on-line without the need to blind the drum.
  • No scaffolding, surface preparation or personnel entry into a confined space.
  • Remote PC-based operator control.

Remote Video Inspection Image Gallery

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