General Delayed Coker

Tutorial: Delayed Coking Fundamentals (pdf)
An excellent paper on the fundamentals of the delayed coking process. Courtesy of Great Lakes Carbon Corporation.

Coke Drum Design – Longer Life Through Innovation (pdf)
A paper written by Chuck Pieper, Ron Shockley and Coby Stewart presented at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers Spring National Meeting, 2000. This paper describes the bulging phenomena of coke drums, normally accepted solutions, and a revolutionary method developed by Chicago Bridge & Iron Company to eliminate a primary contributing factor causing the bulging/cracking phenomena.

Estimating the fatigue life of a coke drum using Monte Carlo analysis
By reliability consultants Barringer and Associates

A mathematical (Weibull) analysis of coke drum remaining life
By Barringer and Associates

Corrosion, Materials and Inspection Considerations for Delayed Coking Units
This paper written by Tom Farraro and Terry Walker (Mobil Oil) discusses the metallurgy, corrosion, and inspection problems associated with delayed coking units. Please contact the authors for a copy of this paper.

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