Corporate Profile

CIA Inspection (CIAI) is the premiere coke drum inspection service in the world and the only firm completely dedicated to the inspection of coke drums. Since 1993, CIAI has performed nearly 1000 site inspections of coke drums of all sizes and metallurgy. CIAI continually upgrades its technology and services to assist refineries in monitoring their valuable coke drum assets using custom solutions designed by our in house engineering group.

CIAI conducts both on-line and off-line internal inspections of coke drums using a laser range camera, video and robotic crawler systems. CIAI’s knowledge of the industry gives us the ability to compare drums with industry wide trends allowing operators to gauge how their drums compare to other drums at other sites. CIAI’s customized software allows the user to see the bulge growth in the drum over time and focus on the failure prone areas.

CIAI is dedicated to providing refiners with the right tools to make decisions on drum repair or replacement. As such, we have developed associations with major service providers in the coking industry including but not limited to Stress Engineering, Foster Wheeler, Fluor Daniel and Chicago Bridge & Iron in order to provide a combined approach to help improve the life of the coke drum.

CIAI offers a suite of dedicated technology solutions to enhance the refiner’s knowledge including:

From this information, refiners can implement a proactive maintenance plan to improve the reliability and life of their coke drums. Working with the refiner, CIAI provides the best quality service for coke drum reliability.


CIAI developed and operates a specialized laser surface profiling system designed to internally inspect coke drums during the short time period between coke cutting and refilling. Custom Industrial Automation (CIA) started development of the remote inspection equipment in 1990 and created a dedicated service company, CIAI, to perform contract service inspections in 1994. To date, CIAI has performed nearly 1000 drum inspections at sites around the world.

Additional complimentary services (remote video inspection and robotic crack detection) have been added to CIAI’s service offering to ultimately assist refineries with extending the life of the coke drum.

Mission Statement

To be the world’s leading coke drum inspection service using advanced technology to provide superior customer service and satisfaction.

Industry Affiliations

CIAI is proud to be involved with the following institutions:

American Petroleum Institute (API)
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
National Petrochemical & Refiners Association (NPRA)

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