Laser Profile Inspection

Drumview Software

Over 1,000,000 radius measurements are collected during a coke drum scan and conveniently viewing and interpreting the measurements is a major challenge. Upon completion of each coke drum laser scan, the customer is provided with the scan data in electronic form and as part of the inspection, a copy of CIAI’s DRUMVIEW software.

DRUMVIEW is a unique, special-purpose data viewer developed by CIAI especially for interpreting coke drum dimensional data. DRUMVIEW allows refinery personnel to easily extract information about their drums including:
  • colored bulge maps of the complete drum showing bulges, swelling and ovality mapped over the drums weld seams;
  • close-up bulge maps of specific areas of the drum;
  • vertical or horizontal sections through bulged areas;
  • polar plots of horizontal sections;
  • comparison of bulge growth over time (if more than one scan has been performed on a drum).

DRUMVIEW includes comprehensive on-line help and a complete user manual.

DRUMVIEW runs under Windows 2000, Windows XP, Vista and WIndows 7. It is continuously maintained and upgraded by CIA Inspection. Existing customers can request the most current software upgrade by contacting Les Harold.