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CIA’s “DrumView 3.20″ Application Update Adds Metric Measurements.

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

CIA’s philosophy of continuous improvement has lead to the release of “DrumView 3.20″, the latest update to the custom application that takes data from CIA’s laser inspections and produces colour enhanced laser maps, section views and polar plots of coke drums.

The key change in this release is the ability to switch to the Metric Measurement System with one click. All dimensions, views and printouts are then instantly changed to the desired measurement system. No changes are made to the underlying data so this version is fully compatible with image files from past inspections, allowing direct comparison to determine any changes in the shape of your coke drums.

Other changes to the application include the option of adding label keys to section views so that it is easy to identify when each section was scanned, scaling for vertical section views and horizontal polar plots have been separated and each type of section view is now accessible from the toolbar with one click.

Together, these changes add functionality and make DrumView easier to use.

CIA Inspection customers can contact Les Harold (see “Contact Us” at the top right for details) in order to receive the updated DrumView.